Flexible Metal Hoses - Worldwide in every 3rd truck

As a partner to the international commercial vehicle industry, WESTFALIA Metal Hoses is renowned as a manufacturer of complex decoupling components for exhaust systems – both for on-highway and off-highway vehicle markets consisting of heavy and medium duty trucks, buses, construction and agricultural vehicle sectors. Consistent investment in growth markets have cemented their position as a global market leader.

With emission laws growing tougher, the industry is being challenged to find new solutions.  WESTFALIA Metal Hoses is taking on these challenges and is implementing new processes and innovative products. The unique production processes are developed entirely in-house. New innovative products of the group include interlock metal hoses with much greater flexibility and gastight decoupling elements. Their patented gastight metal hose GTH is already being used by renowned commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Their own testing center for the validation of prototypes and components was improved in 2012 by adding skilled  personnel and additional testing equipment  both of which guarantee more efficient product development. These improvements also enable fast development of products to customer requirements.

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